Karma Who?

Karma's Closet, LLC  was founded and is solely operated by Diamond Wise in 2021.
Karma's Closet was created for small town girls with city style. Born and raised in Prince Georges County, Diamond was exposed to the fashion sense of the urban young black girl from the DMV. Not only was she exposed to the style, the access to malls and boutiques was a pleasure that she soon learned she took for granted once relocating to the the lower Eastern Shore, Maryland. With absolutely nowhere to shop for cute, trendy, and stylish looks - Diamond, decided to create Karma's Closet in July of 2021. The name "Karma's Closet" originated from the thought of selling ideal looks that a young woman would want to wear if they were to run into someone dishonorable, in her eyes. The power of making one reap what they sew , just by the way you look is a power every woman craves to have. Playing on the phrase "Karma's a B****" , Diamond decided to style her. Although, these beautifully selected pieces are to be worn for various occasions like dinner dates, shopping sprees, parties, vacations, etc...that was the logic behind the first collection, and it worked. Every piece is selected with the thought of empowerment, sexiness & style.